Lamorna Watts is a British actor currently living in Los Angeles (and loving every minute of it!)


Having performed all over England with various theatre companies, and with her strong background in modeling for high-profile magazines and campaigns, it was only fitting that she embarked on a professional acting career upon completion of her BA Honors Degree in English Literature.

Lamorna has played a variety of roles over the years — everything from classic Greek tragedies to modern comedic showpieces. Her career was cemented with series regular roles on popular British TV shows, which became the catalyst for her move to Los Angeles.

She is excited for all of the challenges and triumphs to come!


'The truth is rarely pure and never simple.’

- Oscar Wilde


Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by:)
This career has taken me on a remarkable journey thus far and I truly believe it’s only just beginning.
The best pearl of wisdom that I can share with you is.....
Be the person who never gave up, always stay strong, focused and push forward! Be the inspiration and the positive force you want to see in the world. Follow those dreams and support each other:)


Much love,